What's YOUR Hang Up?


What's YOUR Hang Up?

Working in the interior design industry, I have heard equally as many design success stories as I have horror stories. And while I don't like to bring up the negatives, I think there is some merit involved with bringing to light the challenges I've seen others face, as well as the ways to conquer them. Thankfully, Curtain-Tracks.com is definitely a huge help in tackling the woes that many of you come across when it comes to your curtain-hanging experiences. Take a look!

Problem 1: "I can't find a rod I like."

Solution: Forget the rod! Let the curtains do the talking and hang them from a curtain track. This simple piece of hardware blends easily to the surface it's attached to (walls or ceilings) so your curtain can attach right to it and cover up any traces of installation. View the full selection of curtain tracks here.

Problem 2: "My curtains are to heavy."

Solution: Don't fret just yet. Head to Curtain-Tracks.com and peruse the aluminum curtain track section. A metal curtain track fixed into your ceiling should do the trick for heavy fabric curtains.

Problem 3: "I don't know how to install a curtain track."

Solution: Installing a curtain track is simple and requires little time and energy. Curtain-Tracks.com even offers several online guides that provide the how-to information you are looking for. You can also  log on and check out the support section for even more help and you'll be up and running with new curtains in no time.

Problem 4: "My drapes won't hang properly."

Solution: I hear different iterations of this same problem all the time. "My drapes looked bunched in all the wrong places." Or, "My curtains look so sloppy now that we've hung them up." Or, "How can I see the pattern on my designer curtains better?" Well, hanging woes are usually due to them not being properly installed - a combination of the wrong rod or faulty hooks could be to blame. To eradicate the issue entirely, just use a curtain track so your fabric drapes can open and close "like butter" and hang perfectly no matter what! (TIP: Even if you have an interesting space or awkward layout, there are flexible curtain tracks for a custom fit.)

What have been your major curtain woes? Make sure to describe them in comments section and the experts at Curtain-Tracks.com will be sure to follow up with some coveted advice to make your next curtain project go a little more smoothly.

Happy hanging!



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