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Discover the Magic of Our Curtain Wands

Discover the Magic of Our Curtain Wands
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If your life is as busy as ours, then you likely appreciate gadgets that make life easier. One of our favorites are curtain wands or batons. If you’ve ever opened or closed the drapes in a hotel room you have used this handy bit of drapery hardware. If it seems odd to consider using a curtain baton/wand in your home, we urge you to reconsider. Our commercial and residential customers rave about our “magic“ wands, and for good reason.



Our 84182 White Fiberglass Wand and 7136 Clear Acrylic Wand can be attached to almost any carrier simply by clipping it to the last carrier. Once installed, the wand allows you to easily open and close curtain panels no matter how heavy or light the fabric. They are a must for long curtains and heavy drapes; they allow you to smoothly handle your panels without any yanking or stretching (no more standing on a chair to close your tall drapes!) In the long run, this will save your curtain track and panels from wear and tear.

Clear acrylic wand 7136 Clear Acrylic Wand (Baton) with Clip


Mr. Clean Magic Erasers may take hand prints off of your walls, but our magic wands will keep you from ever getting hand prints on your curtains. Using the curtain wand/baton instead of grabbing the fabric to open and close the panels will extend the life of your curtains or drapes, and keep them from accumulating oils and staining. If you have expensive, designer, or silk curtains, wands/batons are a must-have that will cut down on dry cleaning costs or wear from machine washing.


Want more information about how to use and install our curtain wands? We want to help. Give us a call at 888-434-7444.