Displaying Your Little Picasso’s Artwork


Displaying Your Little Picasso’s Artwork



Parents, do you have walls and a refrigerator that’s overflowing with the kids’ art work? Wish you had a way to display these masterpieces in a more purposeful way? Using our products in a creative way can give your kids art a new home by creating an artwork display. Bonus: this project will save the walls from holes!





Start with one of our ceiling mounted curtain tracks around the perimeter of the playroom (or wherever the newly determined “home” for art will be). This simple step can be a great aesthetic change in itself; it creates the look of crown molding, but bonus: it is functional, too!



Once the track is in place on the ceiling, a few good choices for carriers are the 7122 button carrier with hook (very strong, great choice if you plan on using frames); 88100 privacy cubicle two-wheel carrier with hook (allows a little more space); and the 88106 privacy friction carrier with hook (allows rotation for those difficult to display 3-D pieces). Since Curtain-Tracks are created with movement in mind, you’ll even be able to easily move the artwork around the track as necessary.


The creativity of this project really kicks into gear when you add the hanging element to the carriers listed above. You can use something as simple as fishing line to hang artwork if you’d like to give the illusion of floating. But, our 7181 beaded chain by the yard is a great option as well because it can be easily cut to your desired length. This allows for customization around furniture as well as a dimensional look. Use Curtain-Track’s 7183 eyelet connector to both ends and you’re about done.



This artwork display project can be as simple and kid friendly as you’d like, but can also grow right along with your ankle biters. Finishing the project with simple, kid-friendly clips can give Picasso ownership of their display by allowing them to hang and remove their masterpieces. Then, once artwork is being produced at a rate slower than five hundred masterpieces daily, frames can be hung from the chain by hooks for a more finished and permanent look. Contact us today to start your project and reclaim your refrigerator!



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