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Divider Curtains in Restaurants - COVID-19

By Keith Harrison 4 months ago 267 Views No comments

As restaurants transition from being closed or operating with “Take-Out Only” service, many owners are thinking long and hard about how best to safely open following the COVID-19 outbreak. Many are changing their operating procedures to incorporate additional sanitation efforts, incorporating personal protection equipment (PPE), and maintaining spacing to help prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

One example of some creative thinking by a restaurant owner in North Canton, Ohio is the use of transparent curtains between tables. Because the Twisted Citrus dining area is relatively small, it prevented the tables from being separated by the prescribed six feet. The restaurant owner decided to suspend working transparent vinyl curtains between each table. This allows diners to feel safely separated from other parties while not feeling confined while they ate.The vinyl curtains can be wiped down frequently and washed each evening. While they utilized a simple PVC pipe to hang these see-through curtains, a track option would provide a more refined look and improve upon this particular solution.

Photo Credit: Fox8.com

If you are considering an implementation of divider curtains in your restaurant, Curtain-Tracks.com can be your source to make that happen. We offer track systems that can be ceiling mounted or suspended from the ceiling. Drop chains can also be utilized to reduce the height of the curtains required while dealing with high ceilings in the restaurant. In addition, Curtain-Tracks.com offers commercial grade transparent vinyl curtains, as well as anti-microbial fabric curtains in a wide range of styles and colors. These are all options to help quickly deploy divider curtains in your dining area.

Our knowledgeable sales staff is at the ready to discuss your project and help you select the hardware and divider curtain combination that will best suit your needs. We all want to be safe while getting back to normal and supporting our local eateries. This may be one way to help establish trust with your clientele while increasing your immediate sales.

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