Dorm Room Ideas: Curtain Tracks


Dorm Room Ideas: Curtain Tracks



It is the time of year again when this year’s high school graduates are looking forward to making the big move to college. However, many of them may be a bit shocked when they arrive on campus and see their new college dorm rooms. These small spaces can be surprisingly cold, drab, and well…institutional. Layer the uninviting living space on top of some trepidation about being away from home for the first time, and you’ve got a perfect cocktail for some serious home-sickness.


Curtain Tracks in a Dorm Room Curtain Tracks in a Dorm Room



Most parents will help their students make their living space more inviting by buying decorative items. While some brightly colored bedding, lamps, and posters certainly help, there can still be a surprising amount of cold, white space left over. Given that most families are already paying for tuition, room, board, and books (we admit we may be showing our age here, do they even have these anymore?), they don’t want to break the bank making the dorm room homier. Installing curtain tracks and a colorful decorative curtain (or two) is an inexpensive way to instantly add a great deal of texture, warmth, and color to a college dorm room, ultimately making it more inviting.



Curtain tracks can be used in a college dorm room to cover a window, of course, but can have many other uses as well. Install the track along an entire wall to change the color, warm up the room, or make the window look bigger. Or, install a short track behind a dorm room bed and hang a bright decorative curtain as a headboard. If privacy and alone time is an issue, a track can be installed in the middle of the room as a divider. Many college dorm rooms these days have a drop ceiling, making this project very easy thanks to our drop ceiling clamps, which allow you to hang the curtain track without drilling any holes (which is often against dorm rules). These clamps work with tracks such as our ball-bearing carrier curtain track and flexible curtain track, both of which work nicely in college dorm rooms.


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