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Double Your Fun

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If one set of curtains covering a window is great, then two must be even better! But how can you hang two sets of curtains over the same window? The answer is to use a 84172 double wall bracket. This bracket lets you have two curtains over a single window.


One of the most common uses for a double bracket is to hang a pair of sheer curtains behind a pair of light-blocking curtains over a window. This configuration lets you have the light-blocking curtains open when you want to let in filtered light through the sheer curtains, or have the light-blocking curtains closed when you want to keep out light. You can open both sets of curtains to enjoy the view.

Double bracket A double bracket hangs on the wall and lets you hang two sets of curtain tracks from it.

A double bracket hangs on the wall and lets you hang two sets of curtain tracks from it.


Not all tracks are compatible with a wall-mounted double bracket. You must use a track that hangs from wall brackets. Examples include the 84003 ball bearing carrier track. This track is also available in a kit, which comes with single-track wall brackets. You can purchase two kits, which also have the carriers and end stops and get a double wall bracket to hang both of them.


So, how much space is between the tracks when they are hung up on the double wall bracket? There is 4 inches of space between the tracks when they are hung. This should be ample room to allow the curtains space when they are pushed back. The location on the bracket for hanging the outer track keeps it 6 1/2 inches from the wall.


The only part that is not included with the double wall brackets are the mounting screws. This is not an oversight on our part. It is simply because people have different types of walls that require different screws to mount the wall brackets into. For instance, you will not use the same types of mounting screws for sheet rock as you would for a brick wall. Because there are so many possibilities, that is why we do not sell the mounting screws with our brackets.


You can easily order your double wall brackets from the product page on our website. Ideally, you should order enough wall brackets to space them every 24 inches for places where the curtains are stacked and every 48 inches for the span in the middle of the track. If you have any questions about these brackets, how to order or install them, contact us.