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Curtains & Drapery Hardware Used in Hotels

Curtains & Drapery Hardware Used in Hotels
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You’ve just checked into your hotel after a long day of travels. You walk in the door, kick off your shoes, and plop down onto the bed. You probably click on the TV, or lay back for a couple minutes of R & R. Then you take a look around the room, and notice how nicely the window curtains look compared to the window treatments you have in your own home, and wonder why yours don’t look like theirs? You may realize how well the blackout curtains darken the room or how nice it is to have sheers over the windows even when the blackout curtains are opened. Perhaps you appreciate how sturdy the hotel's curtain track system is or how easily it can be moved by hand with the use of a baton?

Hotel Curtains Hotel Room Blackout Curtains and Sheers Using 84004 Track

We speak to a lot of customers who get their inspiration for use of track systems under just such scenarios in hotels. They seek to replicate the set up they saw in the hotel room, or they conceptualize the track systems being applied for various applications. Regardless, the inspiration takes shape and they set out to find a source for this hotel type curtain and drapery hardware. Home Depot doesn’t carry it. Lowes doesn’t offer it. Neither do most other hardware stores or other big box home improvement stores. Their logical next step is to turn to the Internet, and that’s where Curtain-Tracks.com takes the lead, providing the right assortment of hardware and professional advice to accompany it.

Curtain-Tracks.com offers two track designs that are the industry standard for hospitality window décor and are used in most hotels. The 84003 and 84004 tracks both use a common set of accessories such as carriers, master carriers, batons, etc. The primary difference between the two is the mechanism by which the tracks are mounted, and we will describe these differences below. These track systems are great for sliding glass doors, floor to ceiling windows or glass walls, as well as any standard sized window where curtains or draperies are to hung.

Ball Bearing Carrier Track 84003

Hotel Curtain Track

This track can be mounted to either the ceiling or the wall, depending on the mounting hardware used. To mount the track to the ceiling, and 84152 ceiling clip is attached to the ceiling using screws, typically at approximately a 32 inch interval. These ceiling clips have a cam that is rotated 90 degrees with a screwdriver to lock the track into place. This track system also offers a splicer (84142) that allows sections of track to be joined for wider spans than the normal 8 foot lengths that Curtain-Tracks.com normally ships. Ball Bearing Carriers (84100) for curtains requiring hooks, or Wheeled Snap Carriers (84104) for curtains using Snap Tape (3091), as well as master carriers, all work well with this curtain track.

Ball Bearing Carrier Track 84004

Ceiling Mount Curtain Track

This track has a flange with holes punched every 16 inches, so screws can be used to mount the track to the ceiling without the need for additional clips or mounting brackets. This track cannot be used for a wall mount application unless it is mounted inside a cornice, pelmet, or valence box assembly as it mounts on horizontal surfaces only. These tracks can be mounted end to end for wider applications, but great care must be exercised to be sure the tracks are aligned properly to avoid any interference with easy movement of the carriers across the seam. The same carriers mentioned above work with this track as well.

In summary, here are the advantages for each of these two tracks that are commonly used in hotels and are our recommendation for most home window curtains as well, based on their durability, performance, and value.

  • 84003 Track: Wall or Ceiling Mount, Splicer for Applications wider than 8 feet
  • 84004 Track: No additional mounting brackets required for ceiling mount applications

Both track systems utilize the same carriers and master carriers. The master carriers are worth an additional mention and are usually money well spent. They serve two primary purposes: curtain overlap and attachment of batons/wands. Because the arms of the master carriers overlap when they come together, the leading edges of the curtain panels are forced to overlap. This provides better light blocking capability and privacy versus curtains that simply meet side by side. Batons or wands can easily be attached to these master carriers as well, making the movement of the carriers easier and also avoiding the hand prints that inevitably come with grabbing the curtain repeatedly. The batons are available in either clear acrylic or white fiberglass, and come in three, four, and five foot lengths.

Master Carrier and Baton Kit 84114-Kit Master Carrier Pair with Clear Acrylic Wands

Customers often want to combine blackout curtains or draperies with sheers. This allows the outer curtains or draperies (typically decorative or black out curtains) to be open while the inner curtains (typically sheers) are left closed. To achieve this look of multiple layers seen in hotels, you simply need to mount two or more tracks in parallel. For wall mount tracks, we offer a 84172 double wall bracket which mounts the two curtain tracks in parallel on the same brackets. For the ceiling mounted tracks, they tracks are mounted in parallel in the same way a single track is mounted. Be sure to take into account the stacking of the curtains so that the tracks can be spaced appropriately so as not interfere with the opening and closing of the curtains.

We also want to highlight that the hardware we offer is directly compatible with the hardware used in most hotels. Therefore, we are also a valuable resource for hotel proprietors or maintenance teams who need to replace missing or broken parts, or who are remodeling hotels and need to replace the drapery hardware across an entire facility. We count as customers many of the leading hotel brands across the US.

If you have any questions or need help specifying an order, give us a call. We are always willing to help on all projects, big or small. For home, office, or hotel, these curtain tracks offer great performance and great value, making them one of our most popular products and the answer for many window curtain projects.

Karen QuinnShanahan 4 years ago at 8:36 PM
I am making a drapery for a sliding door for a cousin who has three young children (under 2), she wants to eliminate the cords. Your system seems to be the answer. Can you give me a price for such a rod and is it OK to mount to the wall?
Laura 4 years ago at 8:36 PM
I need a heavy duty, two way, double, decorative traverse system with baton draw
Curtain-Tracks 4 years ago at 8:36 PM
We can likely supply you with the hardware that you need. You will likely want to consider either the 84003 or 84004 curtain tracks, with two tracks run in parallel to allow for both blackout curtains and sheers. Those curtain track systems utilize smooth moving ball bearing carriers and master carriers with batons to complete the set up.

I would suggest calling our toll free number (888) 434-7444 to speak to one of our sales staff to determine exactly what drapery hardware configuration will meet your particular need. Thanks for your inquiry, and we hope to earn your business.

Also keep in mind that we offer a Design Trade Discount program to qualified Interior Designers and Architects.
Curtain-Tracks 4 years ago at 8:36 PM
Curtains can be attached to the carriers that slide back and forth in the track via several means. For curtains and draperies in hotels, drapery pin hooks are commonly used. Curtains can also be attached using curtain clips which grip the top hem of the curtain. Snap tape can also be applied to the curtains, which in turn snaps into the carriers that are compatible with the drapery track. If you need assistance in deciding what option may best suit your needs, feel free to call and speak to one of our Customer Advisers. They are always happy to help in drapery hardware selection and order configuration.
Debbie 4 years ago at 8:36 PM
How do I attach curtains to the track? Does the rack come with clips or what type of curtains do I need to purchase? DO you sell?
Curtain-Tracks 4 years ago at 8:36 PM
We would suggest the 84003 track using wall mount brackets. The track allows for the curtain to be hand drawn, and this hardware is typically what you see used in hotels and other commercial applications because it is durable and operates easily. If your sliding door is 8 ft wide or less, you can order the Wall Mount Kit for $67, or for wider applications, you can splice 8 ft sections together.

If you are not familiar with all the parts, we realize it can be confusing. We are available to help you configure your order at 888-434-7444, and are happy to help you determine the drapery hardware that will best meet your needs.