Drapery Pin Hooks, They’re Not Just For Your Grandma’s Curtains


Drapery Pin Hooks, They’re Not Just For Your Grandma’s Curtains



A lot of curtain panels available these days have sewn-in grommets for easy hanging. That’s great if you like the look, and we’ve got lots of carriers and curtain tracks that work well with grommets. But there are a lot of traditionalists out there, and those who are embracing the retro look. So if you find yourself with a set of curtains sans grommets, or if you want to make your own curtains out of a fabric you love, you will have to embrace on oldie-but-a-goodie in the drapery hardware world: the drapery pin hook. These simple, inexpensive pieces of bent stainless steel are still rock stars in the professional draperies world, and we are going to tell you how to use them at home.





A recent article on SFGate.com discusses how to use drapery pin hooks with a standard rod-pocket curtain panel. We don’t advocate the use of rods, but they are right on the money about pleats and hooks. One of the simplest ways to put hooks onto a curtain panel of any kind is to simply pin through the top of the curtain header.  There are pieces of fabric constructing the top hem, put your pin hook through the back piece of fabric only, and it will conceal the hook and will not be visible.  This system is great for non-pleated curtains.



If you want traditional pleats, our customer service department can custom make them on your favorite piece of fabric, or we can talk you through how to do it yourself. A traditional do-it-yourself way is to attach a length of buckram to the top of your piece of fabric-soon-to-be-curtain. The buckram stiffens the fabric sufficiently that pleats (single, double, French, etc.) and can be sewn in (by hand or machine). The sharp part of a 4138 Drapery Pin Hook is placed into the seam of the pleat, and, thanks to physics, securely keeps the curtain on the curtain track (via a carrier). This stainless steel hook has been the industry standard for years and will last just this side of forever without leaving a rust stain on your curtain. Our 4146 Drapery Pin Hook is just as reliable but is best for small jobs like sheer curtains or small kitchen windows.


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