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Dress Your Tall Windows With Curtain Tracks

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A common feature in the great room of the modern home is tall, two-story windows. They are a beautiful and grand feature, especially if they look out on your own private veranda or stretch of woods, but have their drawbacks. They are difficult to clean and even more difficult to dress. Standard rods do not work well with tall windows. Even a sheer curtain, when hung floor-to-ceiling from a two-story window, will become very heavy, and the size of rod and the brackets needed to hold it all up just get bigger. If you want your curtains and window to get all the attention, rather than your drapery hardware, you need to use curtain tracks to hang curtains on your tall windows.





If you are hanging long, heavy drapes, you will need something like our 6200 Heavy Duty I-Beam Track, which can be mounted on the wall or ceiling with brackets, and uses a metal block carrier with nylon wheels. Or, if you have even heavier curtain panels, you can use our 3120 Extra Heavy Duty Track, which can be drilled directly into the ceiling with no brackets, and uses large double-wheeled carriers. The next bit of drapery hardware you will need depends on your curtain panel. If your curtain has grommets, you will need our inexpensive steel curtain hooks, but if the curtain panel has pleats, you can use our equally inexpensive drapery hooks. And don’t forget to add our 60” wands to help move the curtain panels!



Granted, this is no small task. You’re going to need a tall ladder, or maybe even some scaffolding to get the job done, but once installed, our products are durable and will last – even with rough treatment. Our customer service (888-434-7444) is not quite available 24/7, but it is pretty darn close (you’re not planning to do this at 2am anyways, are you?), and we can help you if you feel overwhelmed. Besides, T.S. Elliot said, “If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?”


We want you to have beautifully installed, long-lasting curtains on your tall windows. Call us at 888-434-7444 so we can help you make this happen.