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Drilling Cleanup Tip

Drilling Cleanup Tip
By Curtain-Tracks 11 years ago 1876 Views 2 comments

The folks at YellowBrickHome.com have been great customers and been generous in sharing both praise for our company and products, as well as pictures of their projects.  They recently shared a clever installation tip with their readers that is applicable for many of our customers installing curtain track and drapery hardware where holes are being drilled into drywall or sheetrock.  By placing the nozzle of a running vacuum cleaner below the bit while drilling, you can avoid having to sweep up the chalk dust that is generated .  The vacuum will catch the dust before it makes a mess.

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this is good supporting evidence.

Suction from Vacuum captures dust during drilling

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Kim at Yellow Brick Home 4 years ago at 7:36 PM
This tip works every time - thank you for sharing this info with your readers! Curtain tracks rocks our socks. In fact, we have a makeover in the works where we'll be heading your way shortly...
Curtain-Tracks 4 years ago at 7:36 PM
Kim, we look forward to your return and seeing what you have planned for your next curtain track application. We are sure it will be worth sharing with others.