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Easy Klips Are Easy. Strong. Brilliant. Reusable.

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Are you a business owner who tends to have some pretty awesome sales? Advertising these sales to potential customers can be tricky. Technology is great and word of mouth is even better, but often the traditional sign can be the best way to lure customers into your store. Once you’ve created your beautiful banner with your logo and sale prominently displayed, how do you hang it in your store window? Or maybe you are a local crafter who attends lots of shows throughout the year. How do you display your banner in your booth when there aren’t any holes?



Easy Klips are the answer to your banner hanging problem. They are simple and wonderful and attach to a banner made of just about any material using the most powerful grip on the market. They even have a place to attach a rope. As the weight or pressure increases on the clip, the grip actually gets stronger. How cool is that? Easy Klips are available in packages as small as ten and as many as 100, and come in black or white.


Curtain-Tracks also offers a mini klip which holds up to 154 pounds and a midi klip which can hold up to 220 pounds. That’s crazy powerful for such little gadgets that are only a few inches big. No tools are needed to use these klips and they're reusable. You can take them on and off (you only need one hand) or move them around as you wish and they don’t leave any holes or marks behind. These little things are brilliant.

Give us a call today to get your advertising banner hung with ease. Order a few more than you think you need. We guarantee you will find all sorts of uses for them! 1-888-434-7444. Happy Holidays!