Every Detail Counts in the Emergency Room

Every Detail Counts in the Emergency Room



During a visit to an Emergency Room everything from the arrival and check in process to the facilities’ organization is critical. Curtain-Tracks can help the efficiency of emergency rooms with our top-notch products created specifically for hospitals.

Curtain tracks are one of those things that you don’t really think about until they are not working properly. Doctors and nurses need to be able to swing privacy curtains open and closed in a confident way without giving them a second thought. They don’t have time to be ginger or get a carrier unstuck or a chain untangled. Emergency room curtain tracks and all of the components just need to do their jobs, the right way, every time.





Don’t believe us? Check out The 10 States With the Worst Emergency Room Response Times to see how your state ranks. How about that for a gut check? Every second really does count! So, if hospitals in your area need some help with their timeliness score, you might consider sending them a link to our hospital products.



To encourage the smooth ride of curtains, our flexible track is a great choice. It is super smooth, and comes in ONE piece, up to 164 feet for the standard weight. The medium and heavy duty tracks are available in a length of 98 feet. This track has a metal spine that is coated in white pvc, creating a strong, flexible track just perfect for an ER. Because of the materials used, this track can be configured by hand into just about any shape.

Next up are the flexible track carriers. Be sure to choose the same weight as the track to ensure the best fit and function. You’ll need a hook to hang the curtains, and we have a few to choose from.  We like the stainless steel hooks for hospital use because they will not stain or rust.



Lastly, don’t forget about the curtains themselves. Curtain-Tracks is your one stop shop for every single part of this project. Our privacy curtains come in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes, but we especially love the Sundance line. They are stain and odor resistant, which are important qualities for an emergency room. In addition, they are antimicrobial and can be machine washed or dry cleaned.

Want a smooth emergency room curtain tracks? Call us today! 1-888-434-7444.



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