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Finish the Look with Custom Curtain Tie-Backs

Finish the Look with Custom Curtain Tie-Backs
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We’ve been successfully keeping a secret for quite some time. It is time, however, to come clean. Loyal blog readers already know that our team can make custom curtains to exact specifications with regard to fabrics, colors, and sizes. What many people do not know, until now, is that we can also make custom curtain tie-backs. We know, it’s shocking – take a minute if you need it, and when you’re ready, read on.


Curtain tie-backs can provide a finished look to your curtain design and are imminently useful in many situations. They create an elegant silhouette in any room, are often used on kitchen windows, and are especially effective on floor-to-ceiling curtains. They allow you to open up a room while still being able to show off your curtains.

Curtain Tie-Backs

But wait-there’s more! Curtain tie-backs aren’t just for the home – they are also well-suited for your home away from home. On a boat, RV, or Airstream Travel Trailer, tie backs can hold curtains in place while the vehicle is in motion. On many of these vehicles, the curtain is attached to a curtain track at the top and bottom of the panel. Here a tie-back fastened around the middle of one panel gives the curtain a decorative parabolic shape. (This also works well on French doors.)


So you’ve heard it here first, folks, and now that the cat is out of the bag we want it all the way out. Tell your friends that our sales department can discuss fabric, width, color, etc. In fact, they love to do this, and want to help you with your next project. Make their day and give them a call at 888-434-7444. While you’re at it, scribble their number down on the next bathroom stall you visit, “for a good custom curtain tie-back call…” (Just kidding!)