Finishing Touches


Finishing Touches



Curtain-Tracks is your one-stop shop for your entire curtain project. Sure, we have a huge selection of tracks, but we also have all of the necessary parts to complete your project. Once you pick out the perfect track for your project, the 6200 I Beam for example, you’ll need the additional pieces to complete your project, including wall brackets.





If you are looking to add some space between the curtain and the wall, you’ll want our 6261 long bracket. This bracket will give you 2.375 inches of space away from the wall. Because of the extra space, we recommend this bracket for rooms where light and temperature do not need to be regulated. For a more conservative and traditional hanging, you’ll want to select 6260 bracket. This bracket will be more efficient at keeping light and extreme temperatures out of the space.  Brackets are sold in pairs and it is recommended that they be spaced between 24-32 inches. That means if you purchase more than the 12 foot sections, you’ll need three packages of two.



Both the 6261 long wall brackets and the 6260 brackets are made of heavy duty aluminum with an attractive silver mill finish. They will fit well with a modern, industrial and/or minimalist decor. Maybe more importantly, they will hold up to frequent use because of their sturdy construction. The last thing you’ll need for your project are end stops that look very similar to these brackets, but serve a very important function in not letting the carriers and curtains slip off of the end of the beam.



Trust us when we tell you that we have thought of everything for your curtain project.  Call us at 1-888-434-7444 and let us walk you through your project today!  Our wonderful customer service representatives ask all the right questions and have all the right solutions.



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