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Flex Your Curtain Hanging Muscles With Our Heavy Duty Curtain Tracks

Flex Your Curtain Hanging Muscles With Our Heavy Duty Curtain Tracks
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If the word “curtains” brings up images of sheer lace hanging from a decorative curtain rod; and if the words “curtain tracks” make you think of your shower – allow us to expand your thinking. Virtual walls, creative storage space, and light blocking panels are only a few of the many uses for curtains and curtain tracks. Today we want to focus on one kind of track: the heavy duty curtain track, which is used, not surprisingly, for hanging heavy duty curtains. Not for hanging sheer lace (although you certainly could if you wanted to). These tracks are the John Wayne of curtain tracks – manly, tough, and able to carry a heavy load.

Heavy Duty Curtain Track Retail Window Display Curtains on 3120 Track


Our 3120 Extra Heavy Duty Track is our toughest track. It is available in silver or black and has a thicker top wall for added support. It is a 12 foot track, but we can cut it into two sections before shipping (either 8 and 4 foot sections, or two 6 foot sections). In addition to the track you will also need the associated drapery hardware such as the 7140 Double Wheel or 7146 Short Snap Carriers.


These tracks are necessary anywhere you will have long, heavy curtains that are likely to be opened and closed often, and treated roughly. Most workplace environments, whether industrial or standard office cubicles, require heavy duty curtain tracks. They are also a must for trade show booths or stages. There are many uses in the home as well: if you are hanging heavy floor-to-ceiling drapes on tall windows or sliding glass doors, a heavy duty track will hold the drapes securely. We also love heavy duty curtains and tracks in man caves.

Have we missed a spot? Where have you used heavy duty curtain tracks and drapery hardware? Send us a message at info@curtain-tracks.com to let us know.