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For More Than Just Windows: Bedroom Curtain Tracks

For More Than Just Windows: Bedroom Curtain Tracks
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Watch any home decorating show and you will see there are no longer any hard and fast rules about decorating. In fact, the more creative and unusual, the better. This week’s blog will focus on some unique decorating ideas you can put to use in the bedroom – with bedroom curtain tracks, that is. Oh sure, you can put curtains on the windows, just like everyone else does, but if you’re reading this blog, our guess is you want something more. Here are a few ‘off the window’ ideas:

1. Curtains as a headboard. Using bedroom curtain tracks to create a headboard is an inexpensive option and we love the look. This can be accomplished with a wall or ceiling-mounted curtain track depending on your preference. A ceiling-mounted track will create a smooth, seamless, elegant look. A wall-mounted track can create a more casual look, however, if you install a valence above it you can create a really stunning bedroom backdrop.


2. Curtains as canopies. There is no better way to add romanticism to the look of a bedroom than to add a canopy, or curtain panels around the bed. For this application a ceiling-mounted track is a must. Sheer or decorative curtains can create an exotic look in an adult’s bedroom, or a whimsical, fairy-tale look in a child’s bedroom.

3. Curtains as closet doors. Homebuilders are looking to reduce building costs whenever possible, and closet doors are a common area for corner-cutting. In bedrooms with compressed-particle-wood sliding closet doors, using bedroom curtain tracks to create a closet door will improve the look of the room. Again, wall or ceiling mounted tracks can be used based on preference, and a custom tie-back will complete the look.

We’ve got lots of great ideas for unique uses of curtains and curtain tracks. Visit us on Pinterest to see more!