Want Free Stuff?


Want Free Stuff?

Who doesn't like free stuff? Believe it or not, you can get a free gift from us when you place an order. Not only is the free gift you get with your minimum order free, but it is also extremely useful when it comes time to install the curtain tracks you ordered.


So, you may be asking, "What's this free gift?" It's a multi-tool that has a carpenter's level, a Philip's head screwdriver and a flathead screwdriver on it. You can use it during installation for screwing in the mounting screws that you purchase separately. This little gift is our way of saying thanks, and you will be able to use it for more than just curtain track installation.

Since it has two screwdrivers and a level on it, this multi-tool is infinity useful around the house or workplace for general DIY projects. A small LED light at the end of the tool lets you see into dark places while using the adjustable screwdriver (Flat head and Phillips). You will not stop finding uses for this pocket-sized tool.


To get the free tool, there is an order minimum. You must spend at least $175 dollars. If you are ordering multiple pieces for several curtain projects, you should order them all at once to take advantage of the free gift.

For instance, instead of measuring track lengths at different times and placing separate orders for the two lengths of track, get the measurements for both and order them at the same time. Not only will this save you time when it comes to ordering, but both track pieces will likely get to your home or business at the same time, along with the free gift, if you order was over $175. You can also add curtains, accessories or carriers.


So, if you already need to order tracks or curtains, check out our site. You can find everything you need for your curtain tracks. You will still have visit a hardware store to separately purchase the mounting hardware required for your specific building's needs. If you have any questions about the accessories you need for hanging your curtain tracks and whether we have them, just ask us. Our experts in curtains and tracks will help you with your queries on ordering, installation or your free gift. Let us be your one-stop shop for all your curtain and track needs.


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