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Garage Makeover - Man Cave Poker Room

By Curtain-Tracks 10 years ago 3295 Views No comments

Here is a preview of the first episode of the Man Card Crew home improvement show that should be begin airing in the Chicagoland area soon. Curtain-Tracks.com provided the curtain track hardware and curtain panels to conceal wall shelving units and overhead storage shelves suspended in the center of the room above the main light fixture, allowing for an interior look despite being a garage. By covering these storage areas, the designers can hide what is typically an unsightly mess on storage shelves with a simple and inexpensive curtains option. The use of curtains also provides flexibility since they don't take up the room a standard door or wall may require and provide easy access to the full span of the shelves. Small curtain panels also provide accents along the back wall, helping to soften the look and make it feel more like a den than a garage.

This episode serves to highlight curtain and curtain tracks uses beyond traditional window treatments, helping to transform a garage into a real man cave.

We'll be sure to let you know when the entire episode airs, and are excited to see our products in action. It's too bad they won't qualify for residuals when the show hits the re-run circuit!