Get Primitive With Our Non-Wheeled Carriers-Part 2


Get Primitive With Our Non-Wheeled Carriers-Part 2


Before GPS devices were common, people had to, on occasion, actually get out of their car and ask other people for directions. Sometimes the answer was, “you can’t get there from here.” In the curtain world, you can’t get from the track to the curtain without the small but essential piece of drapery hardware called a carrier. As we discussed in our previous blog post, these doo-dads go by many names, including slides, glides, and trollies (and doo-dads). In our last blog post on this topic we discussed the virtues and hardware specifics of wheeled carriers. In this post we are going to make like primitive man and live without the wheel.


Among our non-wheeled carriers, our snap carriers are a popular choice. These carriers have female snap ends that attach to the male counterpart found on snap tape, which is a one-inch wide tape sold lengthwise by the yard that is sewn directly onto the curtain panel. The tops of the carriers are shaped like discs and slide into the track. They are compatible with most of our non-I-beam curtain tracks, and are popular on RVs and boats. We carry a short snap carrier and a long snap carrier. Both will create a ripple-fold appearance with no pleats required, and allow for easy removal and replacement of the curtains. Snap tape has a male snap every 4.25 inches, and the carriers come in bags of fourteen. If math is not your favorite subject, give us a call and some project specifications, and we will figure out how many carriers you need.

7120_Short_Snap_Carrier 7120 Short Snap Carrier

7144_Long_Snap_Carrier 7144 Long Snap Carrier


If sewing snap tape onto your curtain is not on your to-do list, or if the curtain panel already has holes, the snap carrier will not suit your needs, but the 7122 Button Carrier might. You can think of this carrier as a snap carrier with a hook instead of a snap. The top of the carrier is the same, and they are compatible with the same tracks, but the carrier holds a stainless steel hook that can be put through a curtain’s grommets and pinched closed with pliers. These are strong durable carriers that are also good for RVs and boats.

7122 Button Carrier with Hook 7122 Button Carrier with Hook

Still confused about which carrier is which? We’d love to clear it all up for you. Give us a call at 888-434-7444.


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