Give Your Workspace A Boost With Curtain Walls


Give Your Workspace A Boost With Curtain Walls



We love helping people create a beautiful window covering, or add a striking design element to their home, but our products aren’t just a pretty face. Just like Thomas the Tank Engine we like to be useful, too. Creating private areas in hospitals, cordoning off restricted areas in stadiums, and keeping your bathroom dry while you take a shower are all in our wheelhouse. If you are not ready to make a big commitment we can handle that, too. Many of our contractor customers use our products to create temporary curtain walls that can be used in a workspace or renovation area.


curtain_walls Create a curtain wall using 6100 Flexible Curtain Track



The heavy duty 6100 Flexible Curtain track is ideal for this use. It can be bent by hand as needed, and is quickly and easily installed into standard ceilings with ceiling cartridges, or into drop ceilings with clamps. The two most useful features of this particular track are: 1) it comes in coils up to 98 feet that can be custom cut to needed lengths; 2) it can be bent by hand into any curved or angled shape. So in other words, you can create a 9 foot by 10 foot curtain wall around your space with one single track. We’ve got industrial strength curtain wall fabrics (give us a call to find out more), or you can hang a simple tarp or drop cloth from the carriers. You now have a space that can be used to contain sawdust or paint overspray, keep the area clean, and prevent unfortunate mishaps.



The beauty of a curtain wall is that it is a very effective barrier, but it is not permanent. Move the curtains out of the way when the area is not in use or to move equipment in and out. Our industrial fabrics can stand up to a lot of rough use, and our tracks and carriers are strong and durable.


We want to help you create a curtain wall that will help you get the job done. Give us a call to get started: 888-434-7444.



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