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Give Us a Hand

Some of our customers have wondered why we don't sell cord-drawn curtains? Hand-drawn curtains have many advantages over cord-drawn, especially for the uses our customers have for the curtain tracks they order from us. Check out the many reasons that make hand-drawn such a popular option for curtains.


Our curtains and tracks are designed to easily be installed by do-it-yourselfers (DIY). With hand-drawn systems, the installation is simple and it allows you to use a variety of compatible carriers with each track. You don't have to worry about threading a cord through the track or establishing the correct tension during installation. All you have to do is slip the glides into the track and attach the curtain to the hooks hanging from the glides.


Hand-drawn curtains are great for hotels because they are easier to use

Not everyone knows how to operate cord-drawn curtains. The advantage of hand-drawn systems is that everyone can use them without having to be able to reach a cord. Children and the disabled can pull the curtains easily across the track. Since more people are familiar with this type of curtain system, hotels choose it for the curtains in their rooms, where guests from all of the world may be staying and needing to open the curtains.


Cord-drawn systems can pose a problem for those with pets or children. Small children or pets can get entangled in the cords, which pose a choking hazard. With hand-drawn systems, there are no cords that children could choke on, so the entire system is safer.


Since cords can get tangled or break, cord-drawn systems require more maintenance. With hand-drawn systems, this maintenance chore is removed. This makes hand-drawn systems better for use in areas with numerous curtains, like hospitals or hotels.


If you are concerned about stains on your hand-drawn curtains, there are options to get around that. You can add a wand or baton to the curtains with a master carrier. The wand can be used to open or close the curtains easily. Handicapped wands are available for customers with special needs. The wands can be installed in front of the curtain to encourage use, or behind the curtain to enhance appearance.


If you need help choosing your curtains, tracks, batons or carriers, let us know. We can answer any questions you might have about our products, selecting them, ordering them or installing them.


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