Hanging Curtains with Snap Carriers


Hanging Curtains with Snap Carriers

Sometimes, even your curtains need a quick getaway, or at least a quick, easy way to be released from their track. Snap carriers are an ingenious gadget that allows just this. These carriers are hung directly from a curtain track, but rather than have a hook, they have a “female” snap that fits into the “male” snap on a product called snap tape. The tape is sewn into the top of the curtain or drape, and allows the whole panel to be snapped right onto the carriers.


There are many uses for this system. For example, if a curtain needs frequent washing this is a great way to take it down and put it back up with little fuss. You can also quickly and easily change curtains for a new look or design. (How about a curtain for every season?) However, this system is most useful where safety is a concern. If you’ve got little ones who tug on, or pull themselves up with your living room curtains, they are in danger of ripping the curtains or pulling the drapery hardware down. The snap carrier connections are strong but will release before the curtain is ripped or the track is damaged. This is also useful in boats and RVs where movement may cause someone to quickly grab the curtains for balance. Snap carriers also allow boat and RV enthusiasts to quickly and easily change the décor of their home away from home.

Snap Carriers


An added bonus of using the 7146 Short Snap Carrier and our 3091 Snap Tape is that you can create and keep a “ripple” effect in your curtains. As the curtains are opened the snap tape folds into a symmetrical ripple pattern for a pleasing aesthetic. Want to keep the rippled look even when the curtain is closed? Increase your curtain width and install the custom-cut 84106 Wheeled Snap Carrier. This corded contraption keeps the snap carriers in a fixed position, not allowing them to be more than 4.25 inches apart, and creating a static ripple between each carrier. This dramatic look can be used anywhere you like, but is particularly useful for a stage or home theater curtain.

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