Have The Best Home Theatre On The Block Thanks To Curtains


Have The Best Home Theatre On The Block Thanks To Curtains


A home theatre space is becoming a very common feature in modern home building. TV shows and movies have become bigger, louder, and have ever more visually dazzling special effects. When we sit down in front of our huge flat screens we don’t want to just watch a show or a film – we want an experience. Curtain tracks can help you create your dream home theatre complete with the privacy and ambiance necessary to allow you to immerse yourself in the drama (or comedy).



Practically, custom-made Eclipse light-blocking, sound absorbing curtains hung floor-to-ceiling from a ceiling-mounted track, such as the 6200 Heavy Duty I Beam Track, will almost completely block incoming light from windows, even during the day. Additionally, when used as a virtual wall, these curtains block out the sights and sounds of the rest of the house, so you can settle in for some serious Netflix binging. Since this curtain is available in over 25 colors, the curtain itself can either blend into the background, or become a decorative feature of the room itself, as you like.


Aesthetically, curtains don’t have to just stay on the sidelines. A curtain track with appropriate drapery hardware installed just in front of the screen can be used to hide the screen when not in use, or when the kids are playing nearby and you don’t want the screen to be damaged. Custom tie backs can be added to this installation to create an old Hollywood feel to the opening of the screen. Thick, heavy draperies hung along the walls can create the movie theatre feel in your own home, and be tucked back into corners when it’s not show time.

Have you created your dream home theatre using curtain tracks? We would love to see it. Send us photos and a project description at info@curtain-tracks.com.


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