Heading South For The Winter? Don’t Forget Your RV Curtains

Heading South For The Winter? Don’t Forget Your RV Curtains



The chill of winter can be felt in the northern states, so for many it is time to head south. Our RV owners know what we mean. These lucky souls have the ability to migrate with the birds to warmer weather and take their house with them. If you are a member of the RV community we know your RV is more than just a vehicle, it is your home. We want to help you outfit it with the best and most reliable RV curtains, tracks, and drapery hardware on the market.




RV owners have very specific curtain needs, and we have been helping them find just what they need for years. Perhaps the most important curtain in an RV is the windshield wraparound curtain. It is crucial for privacy at night and keeping out the sunshine on lazy mornings, but must also be completely opened for driving visibility. As such, it is the most used RV curtain and track. The drapery hardware must stand up to repeated use. Our 4108 Bendable I-Beam Curtain Track is a great choice for this application. It can be bent by hand to a two-inch radius, mounted on the ceiling or wall, and multiple tracks can be cleanly spliced together as needed. We offer many high-quality RV curtains to go with this bendable track, including customizable blackout curtains.



This track is also great for standard RV shower stalls, too. Again the ability to bend the track as needed by hand makes do-it-yourself installation easy and flexible. We recommend using nylon block carriers, stainless steel hooks, and our fabulous, better-than-any-other shower curtain, our Aquaguard shower curtains, for this application. These curtains are made from 10-gauge vinyl and will not billow, which will keep the RV floor dry, and help maintain shower privacy in close quarters.


We have worked with many RV customers over the years. We can help you order just the right RV curtains, tracks, and drapery hardware to fit your needs like a glove. Call us today at 888-434-7444.




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