Heavy Duty I-Beam Track For Big Jobs And Heavy Curtains

Heavy Duty I-Beam Track For Big Jobs And Heavy Curtains


In America we like things to be tough and dependable. Think pick-up trucks and Teflon. While most curtain tracks will seem flimsy by comparison, we’ve got one that can run with the big boys. The 6200 Heavy Duty I-Beam Curtain Track looks like a steel girder for a miniature skyscraper, and is almost as strong as its full sized doppelganger. It is the brawny big brother to our other I-beam tracks, but unlike its siblings it cannot be bent by hand, and is, in fact, so tough that FedEx can’t handle it at full size: its 12 foot sections have to be cut into either two 6-foot sections, or one 8-foot and one 4-foot section for shipping.

6200 Heavy Duty I-Beam Track 6200 Heavy Duty I-Beam Track


The 6200 Heavy Duty I-Beam, silver-mill-finished aluminum curtain track is inexpensive and great for commercial use. It can be mounted to the ceiling or wall, but to get your curtain hung you’ve got to have drapery hardware that is up to the challenge. An I-beam carrier like our 6210 Metal Block Carrier with nylon wheels that grip the track on both sides will work well. The right brackets are also a must, because you can’t have your big brawny track held up by wimpy holders. Our 6260 or 6261 should do the trick.


The 6200 track is what you want if you are hanging long, heavy drapes that will be in frequent use, such as in an industrial setting, in an atrium or hotel lobby, or on two-story windows. Use these tracks as a room divider, for a retail display, or for creating a cheap virtual wall. Hang our Eclipse black out curtains with our select drapery hardware onto these tracks, and you have the tough and dependable curtain-hanging trifecta!


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