High Quality Nylon Shower Curtains For A High Quality Shower


High Quality Nylon Shower Curtains For A High Quality Shower


We hate to brag about our products, well, who are we kidding really – we LOVE to brag about our products - but we do have the best nylon shower curtains around. They are, in fact, the leading choice for hotels, gyms, and other commercial settings. Think a flimsy plastic curtain is all you need in your home shower? Then let us tell you that these shower curtains have full length, double thick, turned 1/2 inch side and reverse bottom hems, which eliminates raw edges and allows easy run-off of soap and water. What does that mean for your bathroom? No more water on the floor or soap scum on your curtain.



Still not convinced? These panels are treated with durable water repellent to make the fabric water and stain repellent. Now, if you have, like we do, children that laugh in the face of stain repellents, and these panels do somehow get dirty, they are also machine washable, quick drying, and very durable. So maybe now you are thinking, “if they have such a great personality they must not be much to look at.” In fact, they are available in nine colors, and are attractive enough to be used as a stand-alone curtain. You can certainly also use them as a liner, and they are available in custom heights and widths.

hotel_nylon_image_1 Water and Stain Repellent Nylon Shower Curtains


Basically, these nylon shower curtains are the Rolls Royce of shower curtains, and given that you shower every day (or at least once a week), you deserve the best shower experience. Once your shower is outfitted with these curtains you’ll wonder how you ever showered without them, and you’ll be bragging, too. And why not? They're the best thing that's happened to the shower since water.


We want to help you get acquainted with the last shower curtain you’ll ever try; give us a call at 888-434-7444 and we will help you out.



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