Improving An Open Workspace


Improving An Open Workspace


The Washington Post recently published an article about the negative effects of the open workspace fad. Our blog readers will tell you that Curtain-Tracks has been saying for years that this style of office can leave employees feeling distracted and exposed or how productivity is affected with open work environments. Needless to say, we were pleased to see that others have taken note of the downfalls of this fad.

Photo: Retail Design Blog Photo: Retail Design Blog


The bad news is that these workspaces likely aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. As this article points out, logic says that costs are significantly lower when using the open floor plan. Less money is spent on walls and furniture when all you need are lots of desks and one big open room. No walls, no windows, no decor = cheap!


The good news is that Curtain-Tracks can provide a simple solution and a possible compromise between this cost-saving fad and the insanely high cost of retrofitting enclosed spaces into an open floor plan. With our room divider products, space can have the flexibility to match the needs of the day.

Need a large space for a team meeting and brainstorming session? No problem because curtains tuck neatly out of the way to reveal the long table and togetherness. Individual contributors need private and quiet space? Easy. Use our flexible track to create a few cubicles. How about a small team or department meeting? Consider using a longer, stronger track like our 6200 Heavy Duty I Beam to divide the room in half or in quarters.


Curtains can create a solution that is cheaper than building walls. The cozy vibe that comes along with our privacy cubicle curtains can create a sense of calm comfort similar to home. It has been well documented that work from home options increase productivity so this seems like a great compromise for all involved.

Want the best of both worlds for your office? Contact us today to start brainstorming! 1-888-434-7444.


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