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Keep The Peace With Bedroom Divider Curtains

Keep The Peace With Bedroom Divider Curtains
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We may be living in a modern, fast-moving society, but there are some things that never change, like taxes, potholes in spring, and sibling rivalry. There is no place where sibling unrest causes more trouble than in a shared bedroom. Given that decluttering, reducing one’s carbon footprint, and moving into smaller spaces is the current trend, siblings may find themselves at loggerheads more and more. Having a space to call one’s own is very important, even if it is only half of a room. Rather than drawing a line down the middle, how about creating a virtual wall with bedroom divider curtains?


bedroom_divider Bedroom Divider Curtains
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Using curtains as a bedroom divider is very easy when using ceiling-mounted curtain tracks. This application is another good example of the advantages of tracks over rods. We have a variety of tracks including some that require brackets, some that are installed directly into the ceiling, and some that can be attached to a drop-ceiling framework with clamps. Some can even be recessed into the ceiling for a truly floor-to-ceiling look. Straight tracks can be used to simply divide the room down the middle, but some tracks can be bent to enclose an area as needed (like around a bed). Our customer service team is always ready to help with installation questions, but most of these tracks can be installed quite easily, even by inexperienced do-it-yourselfers.



Installing bedroom divider curtains doesn’t have to be a dull affair. As this picture shows, the girls in this room took the opportunity to get some privacy and liven the room up with a purple curtain. Many different decorating options are open to a curtain hanger with a little creativity. Patterns or bright colors can enliven a room, and rich textures can make it softer, and homier.  Perhaps adding a bedroom divider curtain will help you find some sibling harmony in your home.