Keep Your Noises To Yourself With Workplace Curtains


Keep Your Noises To Yourself With Workplace Curtains



My elementary school didn’t have walls. True story. We had “pods” which was an open space with FOUR classes happening at the same time. The idea was open concept education and I wouldn’t call it a success; I would call it a fad, similar to the open concept office set up. I wouldn’t say I’m any more or less distractible than the next person and I can totally relate to this article from NPR about coworkers and their bodily functions.





NPR points to the illusion of privacy as the problem with cubicles in offices. The partial walls aren’t sound proof, but give the feeling of some privacy so employees are a little less guarded. Workplace curtains, however, would actually give some privacy and some sound dampening. Even the author of the article points to curtains as a solution, and she doesn’t even work for us.    



Not only do we have the curtains to do the job (this Eclipse fabric is awesome quality and even helps absorb sound) but we have heavy duty hardware to match. Our Eclipse fabric comes in panels that are 58 inches wide and a variety of heights between 58 inches, all the way up to 100 inches. This product is flame retardant, meets codes, and is even machine washable. The color choices are impressive and we think that using a wide variety of these colors in one office space would create a happy vibe.



The next time there are noises coming from the cubicle across the way, consider sending your boss a link to Curtain-Tracks to learn more about workplace curtains. Or, you can print our newsletter and strategically leave it in the break room or on the boss’ desk. Help your office jump on the front edge of a new fad: curtains in the workplace.






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