Keeping a Curtain Closed at One End Using End Stops


Keeping a Curtain Closed at One End Using End Stops

If you tire of pulling your curtains shut only to have the opposite end of the curtains open, we have a couple quick tips for you.  The appropriate method for you will depend on the  type of curtain track you are using.  For a simple C channel type track like the 32124, 42124, or 52124 tracks, you can use a pair of 7127 end stops to hold the first carrier in place to prevent curtain from opening at one end.  This allows you to pull the curtain from one side without the entire curtain from being moved.  This is especially useful in curtains that are used as room partitions for privacy because it allows for the single-handed complete closure of the curtain.

By using a pair of end stops, a carrier can be held in place to prevent the curtain from opening from that end.

In order for you to use a pair of end stops to secure one end of the curtain closed, you should insert the stop for the opposite end.  Then put in all the carriers except for one. Put an end stop into the curtain track, then the remaining carrier and close off the track with the final end stop.  You will be left with one of the carriers trapped between two end stops.  This prevents this last carrier and the end of the curtain connected to it from moving when you pull on the curtains from the other side.

Another means of holding a curtain closed that utilizes hooks to support the curtain is to select an end stop with a static loop or eyelet intended to hold a curtain hook.  End stops that meet this criteria include the 3032, 84132, and  84134.  By putting the hook that is attached to the upper corner of the curtain through these loops, the curtain will remain in place and not open as it would if that carrier was attached to a glide or carrier.   In fact, the 84134 end caps holds a carrier in place.  In addition to the eyelet that is supplied, the 7120 snap carrier, and the 7122 and 7124 button carriers can also be inserted.


84134 End Cap with Carrier used to hold a hook in place.

The types of end stops you choose depends on the curtain track you are using.  For instance, you will want to use the 88132 plastic privacy cubicle end cap with gate or the 88136 privacy cubicle metal end stop if you have 88001 privacy curtain tracks.  The correct end stops for your track will be on the information page for the track.  If you are looking at end stops first, the tracks that can be used with those end stops will be found on the product page for the end stops.

Should you have any questions about which end stops you need, if you need to place an order or if you want help in how to correctly install end stops to keep one end of a curtain closed, contact us.  As this article demonstrates, there is often more than on solution to a window treatment challenge.  We will be happy to assist you with your project.


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