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Make Your Dorm Room A Home Away From Home With Curtain Tracks

Make Your Dorm Room A Home Away From Home With Curtain Tracks
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“Everyone who walks in says ‘Wow!’” says Laurie Schmid of her daughter’s Baylor University dorm room. When Laurie and her daughter first visited the dorms they found the rooms cold and austere. They wanted to warm up the room and make it look homier. Luckily for Laurie’s daughter and her roommate, Laurie is a certified interior designer. She managed to get access to the room before the move in date to take careful measurements, which she says is a MUST prior to starting any decorating project, and then she got to work planning the room.


Curtain Tracks in a Dorm Room Curtain Tracks in a Dorm Room



Laurie knew that fabric would be essential to making the dorm room cozier, but due to dormitory rules the options for hanging curtains were limited. Her research brought her to us and she purchased our 84004 Ball Bearing Carrier Curtain Track with clamps that would hold the track to the framework of the drop ceiling. This allowed Laurie to install a full length curtain track without drilling any holes (or breaking dorm rules). She installed two tracks spliced together and found it easy to cut off any extra track that wasn’t needed. She also noted that “the pieces on the end [end caps] are very important!”



Laurie easily found the curtains she wanted at a retail store, but needed help understanding how to hang them. Being local, she actually visited us in person to get some instruction on how to affix the pin hooks she had chosen. This paid off when it came time to hang the curtains because, as she says, “…your detailed advice…I wasn’t afraid to attach them even though they were rod pocket/back tab drapes.” She found bedding and a great rug to complete the look, but says that it “…wouldn’t be the same without the drapes. They made a big difference.”



Laurie runs L Interiors in the Houston area, and is a former bank vice president who always had a “knack” for decorating and designing. She left the finance world to pursue this passion, earned her degree in interior design, and hasn’t looked back. We imagine her daughter and roommate appreciate her career switch! (Contact Laurie at 281-799-9949, or laurieschmid@me.com.)


What do you think of this beautiful dorm room? Let us know at info@curtain-tracks.com.



Linda Davidson 4 years ago at 8:36 PM
Wow, my dorm room never looked like that, what a beautiful retreat! The drapes pull it all together!