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Make Your Own Curtains, Part 3

Make Your Own Curtains, Part 3
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We recently began a series of blogs prompted by a conversation with Brenda, one of our most knowledgeable customer service reps. Brenda has seamstress street cred with over thirty years of experience and at least 150 curtains under her belt. She had a lot to say about how the drapery hardware we offer can be used to make your own curtains. In this final blog of the “make your own curtains” series, we highlight a few of Brenda’s favorite things.



We will start by highlighting that old classic, the drapery hook. This perfectly bent piece of stainless steel is used to attach curtains or drapes to carriers with loops (such as the 7130 Double Wheel Carrier). The pin of this hook can be placed directly into a 2-2.5 inch pleat and be completely hidden when the curtain is hung.


Brenda also loves the 3042 T-glide. These small glides with elastic work on tracks like our 3290 aluminum curtain track and can be used to secure the curtain on the top and the bottom, making them popular in boats and RVs (but not suitable for large curtains). Sew in one every four inches, either above or below the curtain edge, depending on if you want them to show or not, and attach directly to the track – no carriers needed.


The last favorite item we will mention is snap tape, which is used with snap carriers, and is another product popular in boats and RVs. The tape has “male” snaps every 4.5 inches. It is sewn onto the top edge of the curtain panel while the fabric is flat, and can be pleated afterwards. Make sure to use a narrow presser foot so that it won’t hit the snaps as you sew. It’s important to note that the tape will be visible on the “inside” surface, so if your curtain has to look good from both sides consider another type of carrier.

Would you like to know more about Brenda’s favorite things? Give her a call at 888-434-7444.