Measuring Guidelines for Privacy Cubicle Curtains


Measuring Guidelines for Privacy Cubicle Curtains

There are several important considerations when ordering Privacy Cubicle Curtains, also commonly referred to as Hospital Curtains, and we would like to highlight these for your reference.

Hospital Curtain

Privacy Cubicle Curtain Height:

The combination of a ceiling mounted privacy cubicle track and the carriers which hang from the track create a drop of approximately 3 inches between the ceiling and the top of the privacy cubicle curtain. Usually, customers opt to leave a gap of between 9 and 15 inches between the bottom of the curtain and the floor. Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to subtract 12 to 18 inches from your ceiling height to get your curtain height. However, customers may also opt for curtains that reach the floor, depending on their specific application. Keep in mind that offers these privacy cubicle curtains in 6 inch height increments.

Privacy Cubicle Curtain Width

Your privacy cubicle curtain should be at least 15% wider than the track length itself. This extra fullness allows the curtains to readily provide the coverage needed without fighting to keep the ends closed, since there is always a ripple or wave in the curtain even when they are drawn closed (they never remain taut when closed). Our privacy cubicle curtains are offered in width increments of 18 inches (1.5 feet). DO NOT order a 6 foot privacy cubicle curtain for a 6 foot curtain track. When in doubt, opt for the wider width when selecting privacy cubicle curtains.

Example 1: 7 foot track would require a 9 foot width curtain (7 x 1.15 = 8.05 -- the next available width above 8.05 feet is 9 feet)

Example 2: 12 foot track would require 13.5 foot width curtain (10 x 1.15 = 11.5 -- the next available width above 11.5 feet is 12 feet)

Cut Width versus Finished Width

The dimensions shown on our site are cut width. As the curtains are sewn, there are factors which result in lost finished width versus the cut width, and they are listed below:

3 inches of fabric used for side hems

2 inches of fabric per seam used when fabric sections joined for wider curtains

1 inch of fabric per panel for puckering if the measurement is done on the top of the privacy cubicle curtain at the mesh

If you have exact measurement requirements for your privacy cubicle curtains, contact us to discuss your needs.


Curtains can be ordered with or without 20 inches of mesh at the top. The mesh serves to allow sprinkler systems to properly disperse water throughout an area regardless of the presence of the privacy cubicle curtains. The mesh is a fire code requirement in many areas, so check your local codes. The 20 inches of mesh is included in the overall height of the curtain being specified and does not need to be considered separately. Ordering the privacy cubicle curtains with or without mesh doesn't change the height you should select when ordering. A variety of mesh colors are available.

Drop Chains

For higher ceilings where it may not be feasible for floor to ceiling curtains, or as an alternative to adding mesh to the tops of the curtains (for fire code purposes), beaded chain drops are also available. These allow a track to be ceiling mounted while suspending a curtain of lesser height. The image above exhibits just such an application. The 7185 beaded chain drops come in three lengths, and the eyelets can be removed and reattached if the lengths of the chains need to be shortened.

Privacy Cubicle Curtain Chain Drop with Hook

Call us if you have any questions or need advice when ordering privacy cubicle curtains or track systems.


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