Preview - Media Room Makeover


Preview - Media Room Makeover

We hope to see several of the first few episodes of the Man Card Crew be aired soon in the Chicago area. supplied curtain hardware and curtains for Episodes 1 and 3. In the video below, you will see the design overview and computer generated graphics of the media room design for Episode 3, transforming a pink sewing room into a top shelf media room and man cave that anyone would be happy to call their own. In the video (at the 1:00 minute mark), you will see and hear mention of the blackout curtain made of Eclipse light blocking fabric that is hung from 88001 privacy curtain track to provide a removable divider that can prevent light from entering via the stairwell and help reduce noise from media room back into the other floors of the home.

As is the case with many media rooms, there is often a desire to block out light and provide the same ambiance as a movie theater with the light turned off. This single layer of fabric provides that capability while also providing a luxurious appearance and drape. Because the audio systems used in many media rooms allow the user to really crank up the volume, this thicker fabric can also dampen the sound exposure to the rest of a home. This combination of light blocking and sound dampening makes the Eclipse fabric ideal for use as a blackout curtain in a media room applications.

We will let you know when the full episodes begin to air and become available online, but are excited to share a glimpse into the role that privacy and divider curtains can play in a media room makeover.  All that is missing is the popcorn! Stay tuned for more as helps the transformation of rooms into Man Caves that are Man Card worthy.


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