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More Fun With Curtain Track Carriers

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In September we introduced you to the sweet gooey center of the curtain track/curtain combination: curtain track carriers. These essential but often overlooked pieces of drapery hardware attach your curtain to your track, and there are LOTS of different kinds. Previously we highlighted sew-in button and ball-bearing carriers. Today we will familiarize you with three more from our vast collection of curtain track carriers.

7191_Privacy_Cubicle_Carrier_with_Hook 7191 Privacy Cubicle Carrier with Hook


7191 Privacy Cubicle Carrier or Roller with Hook– We do not even have a track for this carrier! We have a competitor out there that makes a carrier that is always breaking. We had so many requests for replacements for their track, we had this carrier specially made for our Curtain-Tracks.com customers. It is extremely durable and will outlast the competition’s cheap originals.


Our 7130 Double Wheel Carrier wins the award for looking most like an amusement park ride. This unique curtain track carrier has two easy-moving wheels that fit into the 3118 Ceiling-Mount Track, and a ring at the bottom that fits most hooks. Note that these carriers can be used on a heavy duty track, but they are not appropriate for heavy duty curtains. They are designed for light to medium workloads such as decorative curtains or plain sheers.


We love snap tape. It is such a unique product (it is sewn directly into the curtain panel), and has so many practical uses, such as providing a safety feature in RVs, busses, and boats, allowing curtains to be quickly and easily removed for cleaning or a décor change, and creating an easy ripple-fold look. Whatever you use it for, you have to have a compatible carrier, like the 8120 Ball Head Carrier. The top of this carrier has a small ball that goes inside tracks such as the3108 Plastic Curtain Track and the 3290 Aluminum Curtain Track, among others. The bottom of the carrier has the female end of the snap that fits into the male end on the snap tape.


We have MANY more curtain track carriers to choose from on our website and in our warehouse. Give us a call to find out which one is right for you: 888-434-7444.