Drapery Hardware Order from the North Pole


Drapery Hardware Order from the North Pole

One of the interesting things we encounter by providing drapery hardware to customers all over the  US  and Canada is the wide range of locations where we ship parts.  Curtain-Tracks.com has satisfied customers in all 50 states in the US, and people from Hawaii and Alaska order frequently.  However, sometimes the destination of an order will catch our eye, and yesterday was just such a day.  It was the first time we had shipped anything to that particular location, and of course we had to check the name to be sure it wasn't for Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, or Santa Claus.  That's not to say we are not just as excited to earn the business of Donna T. from North Pole, Alaska versus that of a jolly old soul in a red suit.  Besides, everyone knows he has his elves make his curtain tracks anyhow.

This provides an interesting segue to the topic of Christmas decorating.  We know it is hard to be thinking of the holiday season as we expect the 23rd consecutive day of 100 degree plus heat in the Houston area with no end in sight to this record heat wave, but December will be here before you  know it (with cooler temperatures, we hope).  As the time for hanging  Christmas Stockings approaches, we want to be sure you consider a Christmas Stocking Hanger Track Kit for your  fireplace mantel.  The track mounts under the mantel and can be left up year round  since the  profile is so small.  The hooks easily slide from side to side and can be removed when not in use.  The kits come in white, black, brown, and gray to match most any decor, and can be used to decorate throughout the year.  If you  don't have a fireplace, the kits also work on bookshelves, window sills,  or any horizontal surface.  It really is a handy product that you will use more often than you may think at first pass.  If you hang Christmas stockings, you need one of these Stocking Hook track kits.


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