Not That 70's Basement


Not That 70's Basement



Does the phrase “drop ceiling” give you images of a 1970’s finished basement? Times have changed. There are lots of cool drop ceiling tiles now allowing you to create a space that is uniquely you. Combined with Curtain-Tracks products, these drop ceiling tiles can make for one pretty swanky basement. A man-cave, perhaps? Or a movie theater? Or a basement that is part kid focused (toy and games) and part adult focused (poker table and workout equipment). The possibilities are endless!





Once you’ve found drop ceiling tiles that you love, consider the spaces and functions you’d like your basement to serve. Then do a little measuring of each space. Our 6100 Flexible Curtain Track fits perfectly on the support beam of a drop ceiling and comes in custom lengths up to 164 feet. You can cut it yourself and this track can be easily bent by hand, so you can make a nice rounded corner or even a “wave” pattern to give a wall a little more texture.



Because drop ceilings are such a popular place for a curtain DIY project, we have created a handy gadget to make this project a breeze! Our Drop Ceiling Clamp attaches the track to the support beam with nothing more than a screw driver. That’s right, you don’t even have to drill a hole. For those indecisive DIYers, no holes means that you can change your mind as often as you want with no repercussions. Grab your favorite curtains, a few of our carriers and a couple of  end caps (to prevent the curtains from falling off the end), and you are done!


So if you are tired of sitting in your bean bag chair in your 70’s basement, use your Apple iiC computer to visit our website and order some tracks and hardware from us.  You can easily turn your basement into something from the 2000's!



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