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Oh The Drama: Theatre Curtain Tracks

Oh The Drama: Theatre Curtain Tracks
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Windows can be covered with blinds. Showers can have doors. But stages? Stages must have curtains. Without them there is no backstage, no “waiting in the wings,” and no opening tableau. No matter what the size of the venue, be it a small school stage, a community theatre, or a Broadway venue, proper use of curtains will increase the quality of the production. Of course, to have good theatre curtains, there must be good theatre curtain tracks.





In the theatre, curtain tracks have many uses. Several can be placed in parallel from the front to the back of the stage, allowing the creation of a backdrop and “legs,” which are vertical curtains used to hide the wings and frame the stage for the audience. Together these create the boundaries of the on-stage area. A curtain track also allows the hanging of a scrim for dramatic lighting effects, and of course, tableau curtains, which close off the stage completely and are drawn back to reveal the action. Not every production will need all these types of curtains, but layering ceiling-mounted curtain tracks along the depth of the stage will give flexibility to change the stage and background as needed from production to production.



We offer theatre curtain track systems that can be used for any size stage or venue. We offer the highest quality, most durable tracks on the market. If installed properly and treated right, our track systems will last for longer than Cats ran on Broadway. It should be noted that heavier, more expensive hardware designed for theatrical stage rigging is available, so load requirements should be considered when selecting a track. Our customer service reps know their tracks, and we recommend calling them to help you plan out your project. They can direct you to the right tracks, drapery hardware and curtains for your venue, no matter the size.


Help us make your debut a success with the proper theatre curtain tracks. We are available to talk at 888-434-7444.