On the Ball


On the Ball


Are you tired of curtains that get stuck while you slide them closed. Nothing is more annoying when closing curtains that are supposedly single-handed closure than for the carrier to snag and you have to use both hands to free it. You don't have to deal with this. The answer is to opt for the smoothest moving carriers available.



The answer to your problems is to look for a ball bearing carrier that fits your track. We have regular (84100) ball bearing gliders and micro-sized (84102). These slides easily glide down the track with less sticking and squeaking than some other types of carriers, and you don't even need WD-40 to make them quiet!

Ball bearing carrier

Ball bearing carrier inside 84003 track.



Okay, so it's not really magic, but the secret to the smooth gliding of ball bearing slides is several steel ball bearings located inside the wheel of each piece. These bearings reduce the friction between the carrier and the track for smoother, quieter movement.



So, ball bearing carriers sound like a perfect solution for any track, right? Wrong. You cannot use these carriers on all of the tracks we sell. Both the regular and the micro-sized ball bearing glides can be used on both 84003 and 84004 track, both wall and ceiling mount versions of these.



So, the question remains of which ball bearing glides you want. Since they can be used interchangeably on the 84003 and 84004 tracks, what makes the micro a better choice than the regular size, or visa-verse?

Micro ball bearing

The micro ball bearing carrier is 20 percent narrower than its regular-sized counterpart.


The answer is how much space you want to compact the curtains when they are closed. Stacking space for the micro ball bearing carriers is 20 percent less than the regular ones, but even the regular ones have such a narrow design that they let curtains be stacked in 25 percent less space than other carriers. The answer is really up to your personal preference.



If the choice between regular and micro ball bearing glides has you flummoxed, don't worry. Sometimes, all the decisions you have to make when having curtains and their hardware install can be daunting, but we are here to help you with making those choices. If you have any questions or concerns, just pick up the phone and give us a ring. You can even send us an email right through our site. We will be happy to help walk you through each step of the process.


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