On The Road Again With Bus Curtains


On The Road Again With Bus Curtains


Ready to get the band back together and hit the road? Or are you just looking to redecorate/renovate a bus or RV? We have what you need! If you’ve done this before you know this can be a tricky business. Despite modern manufacturing genius, no two busses or RVs are exactly the same, and one single vehicle is rarely perfectly symmetrical. It can be a curtain-hanging nightmare. Well, we are about to bring you some sweet dreams. We can help you custom order the tracks, drapery hardware and bus curtains you need.



Outfitting your bus with curtains comes with challenges and requirements that we understand well. In most cases multiple people will be living in this vehicle for long periods of time. The right curtain, in the right place, can make a big difference in how comfortable everyone is. Busses need things like wrap-around window covers that block out light, curtains for the side windows, divider and bunk curtains, and even plain old shower curtains. We’ve got all this and more. We can provide lining materials that provide more light-blocking and insulation. We have fabrics that are flame retardant including those that meet FMVSS 302 standards.


For the best results it is critical that you help us help you. Since you probably don’t want to drive all the way to Texas to let us measure, you will have to take very accurate measurements for us to make the best custom-fit materials. If you’re putting in a new bus curtain or track, measure the full width required, and measure each window separately. We will add the appropriate amount of width to make the right amount of curtain fullness. When measuring height for the curtains, we will need to know the distance between the bottom of the track and where you want the bottom of the curtain to fall. It is very helpful to measure the old curtains for reference if they are available. Once we’ve got the measurements we will direct you to the curtain tracks and drapery hardware that will best suit your needs.

Call us at 888-434-7444. We are here to help!


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