Clips For Your Open For Business Banner


Clips For Your Open For Business Banner

For the stores, restaurants and bars across the country that are beginning to reopen after the COVID-19 shut down, there is a sense of excitement and uncertainty. Excitement for new beginnings and uncertainty about what the future will look like. As preparations take place to ensure a clean and safe environment for both customers and staff, there is also the concern of communicating your efforts to customers. Certainly there are the traditional channels such as social media, email outreach campaigns and an up-to-date website, but for brick and mortar stores, there are additional opportunities to share that your business is back open via signage.

For many communities, there are city codes and restrictions when it comes to business signage. Typically owners would not be permitted to hang a temporary banner alerting potential customers of sales, Happy Hour specials or that you are open for business unless first approved by the city council. But during these unprecedented times, many cities are relaxing these requirements and in an effort to support local businesses, are allowing temporary signage including banners, sandwich boards and window decals. In fact, some signage companies are even offering a free "Open For Business" banner for local companies.

Whether you are open for carry-out or planning a complete reopening and have new banner signage to display, Curtain-Tracks has the best clips on the market to ensure your messaging doesn't blow away. The EasyKlip Midi Tarp and Banner Clips are available in white or black and are designed to grip tarps, banners, or any fabric that requires a super-strong, long lasting hold. Midi Clips, also knows as tarp clips, are designed for heavier applications and are durable, affordable and easy to use. They have been engineered to increase the clamping pressure or grip, as the load increases and has an instant grip up to 220 lbs. Even strong winds will be no contest for these clips.

Business owners, you've got this! If the team at Curtain-Tracks can help in any way, please reach out to us at (888) 465-0274.


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