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Opposites Attract With Our Magnetic Catch Carriers

Opposites Attract With Our Magnetic Catch Carriers
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We have an outstanding selection of drapery hardware. We’ve got gadgets and do-dads a-plenty. We have items you would never know you needed until you hear about them - then you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them. Case in point: our magnetic catch carriers. If you’re not familiar with them we’re not surprised. These little-known carriers are specifically made for our 6100 Flexible Curtain Track, which is one of our most popular tracks, and for good reason - it’s inexpensive, high quality, and has a lot of great uses beyond a standard window covering. Magnetic catch carriers make this outstanding curtain track even better.



Magnetic catch carriers work their magic with science. One is placed on the top, inside corner of each curtain panel (called the “leading edge”). They come close together when the curtains are closed, then, thanks to the laws of physics, the magnets in the carriers stick together and keep the curtains closed, and slightly overlapped. They can easily be pulled apart by hand, but have a strong enough connection that they firmly hold the curtain panels together and improve the efficiency of light-blocking curtains such as our Eclipse fabric curtains. Magnetic catch carriers also help maximize privacy with all types of privacy curtains.


These plastic, four-wheeled carriers have a metal loop that works with all standard drapery hooks. However, they hang down from the track one-quarter inch lower than the standard carriers for the Flexible Curtain Track. This is no problem if your curtains are pleated and you are using drapery pin hooks, but will need to be considered when using curtain panels with grommets. Magnetic catch carriers are compatible with only the standard and medium-duty Flexible Curtain Track.

We’ve got magnetic catch carriers ready to ship to you! Call us today to order yours: 888-434-7444.