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Our Stocking Hanger Kit Isn’t Just For Stockings Anymore

Our Stocking Hanger Kit Isn’t Just For Stockings Anymore
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We love it when our customers use our products in unique ways. Recently, Bob, a customer of ours from Ohio, was looking for a way to display his son’s wrestling medals. He was planning to simply put a nail in the wall for each medal, but his wife happens to be a loyal Curtain-Tracks blog follower, and had other ideas. She suggested installing a curtain track underneath the trophy shelf (their son has a lot of accomplishments to display). She reasoned that the track would allow more flexibility to change the display, put fewer holes in the wall, and ultimately be much more stylish than a row of nails. After a bit of research on our website, they opted to go with the stocking hanger kit.


medals 1



The stocking hanger kit may seem like an odd choice given that it’s springtime, but this kit has uses far beyond the Holidays. It comes with two three-foot sections of wall-mount track, six sliding hooks, two end stops, mounting screws, and installation instructions. Bob knew he would need more than six hooks, so he also ordered two packs of additional hooks. Bob’s wife wanted to hang the medals at different heights for visual interest, so they also ordered Bulldog clips, to hold the medals’ ribbons.


medals 2



Installation of the track “couldn’t have been easier,” according to Bob, and took less than five minutes. The only tools needed were a screwdriver and level – everything else came with the kit. It took a few more minutes to slide the hooks onto the track, secure the end stops, and place the medals in the clips, but all in all, the project took less than twenty minutes. Not bad for something that makes such a striking addition to the room. They have extra hooks and clips to add more medals as needed (fingers crossed!), and the best part is that they have another track for another project (the kit comes with two). They are considering installing it in their daughter’s room as a place for her to display her artwork.


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