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Our T-Glides Are Not Cliché

Our T-Glides Are Not Cliché
By Curtain-Tracks 5 years ago 1522 Views No comments


Don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. The best thing since sliced bread. Our T Glides are not cliché, but they can fit right into several of our favorite overused phrases. You see, this wonderful little product, a simple nylon “T” shaped glide that works on many of our tracks, and a piece of elastic, has been around since the 1970’s for good reason. It is simple, and does the job quite well.



The 2.25 inches of elastic included with our T Glides can be sewn into curtain panels on both the top and the bottom. Heck, we can even do the sewing for you at Curtain-Tracks! Check out our selection of curtains, let us know the dimensions you need, and we can put together an entire package for you. Talk about custom!

Adding a second track on the bottom of a window, combined with our T Glides, creates a tailored look and keeps the fabric tucked neatly out of the way. When space is of importance in, say, an RV for instance, this simple and compact hanging of curtains is a life saver. Thanks to the give in the elastic, opening and closing your new RV curtains is smooth. The fabric being taught against the tracks also allows for the curtains to be partially open or closed, even when the window is open and there is a breeze.


So, whether you are updating an Airstream RV from the 70’s or spring cleaning your family’s boat, Curtain-Tracks can help. This T-Glide comes 14 to a bag and is compatible with the parts from many recreational vehicles and boats. So, if your hardware is beginning to look a little run down, don’t feel like you need to replace everything. Just pick out one of our awesome fabrics, order a bag or two of T-Glides, and you are set. You’ll be impressed at how such a simple update will create a new vibe in your space.

Send us a picture of your RV curtains project and we can help you with measurements, sewing, and even installation guidelines. Then, send us another picture with your finished project. We love to see our customers’ updated spaces. info@curtain-tracks.com