Outdoor Curtain Project


Outdoor Curtain Project

We recently received some great images of an outdoor curtain installation in Oakland, TN from one of our customers and wanted to share them.  Jerry C.  fabricated his own outdoor curtains from a Sunbrella outdoor fabric.   This outdoor fabric will hold up well in the elements, and provides shade while still offering some transparency through the curtains based upon the weave of the fabric.  The intent was to provide shade for the covered patio behind their home, and we really like the look of this finished do-it-yourself (DIY) project.

Outdoor curtains on covered patio

These outdoor curtains were intended to provide relief from the sun, and therefore did not need to be full floor to ceiling length curtains.  Instead, they chose to leave a gap of several feet at the bottom.  This can be a benefit to allow added air flow, avoid accumulation of leaves and other debris, and also avoid restricted movement of pets.  We think it also offers a unique appearance that adds to the appeal.  These outdoor curtains we also made with very little fullness, as the flat curtain panels are pulled fairly taught when drawn closed.

Outdoor patio curtains

Grommets were used on the curtains, providing durable construction.  This is an important consideration when designing outdoor curtains.  The force that wind can exert on outdoor curtains is significant, and something to keep in mind as it differentiates outdoor curtains from interior curtains.  Consider that you are building something close to the makeup of a sail on a sailboat by exposing a large surface area of fabric to the wind.  When not in use in windy areas, we would recommend using tie backs on curtains to avoid unnecessary exposure to wind. The type of fabric, thread, and grommets should also be carefully considered when designing your outdoor curtains.  All material should be selected with the expectation that they will be subjected to the elements (sun, heat, cold, moisture, ice, snow, wind and potentially flying debris as well).  Squirrels have also been known to chew holes in fabric to be used in their nests.  Keep all this in mind as you plan your project.

Grommets used to make outdoor curtain

This outdoor curtain installation was mounted using the 6100 flexible curtain track.  The track was mounted to the ceiling using the 6152 ceiling cartridges.  The 6111 carriers were combined with the 7142 Stainless Steel J Hooks to loop through the grommets and connect the outdoor curtains to the track system.  It should be noted that while the 6100 track is made of a PVC that will hold up outside, the carriers have steel ball bearings in them that are not stainless steel.  Over time, these can rust and may have to be replaced.  Buyers should be aware that material selection for track systems used outdoors should be considered, knowing that the elements can take a toll on outdoor hardware.

This project serves as a good example of how curtains mounted on curtain track can provide both function and fashion.  In this instance, the outdoor patio curtains provide shade while also enhancing the overall look of the covered patio as well.  Is there a project waiting for you in your own backyard?  If so, don't hesitate to speak to our knowledgeable team to get advice on hardware selection to help make your project a success just like the one described above.


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