Man Card Crew Project 1 - Poker Garage


Man Card Crew Project 1 - Poker Garage had previously announced its affiliation with the Man Cave Crew, a new home improvement television show targeting design makeover projects designed specifically for men. Production continues and the first episode should air by the end of the year.

Due to some legal issues, the show's name as been changed to the Man Card Crew. Same premise. Same projects. Different name.

Man Cave Crew becomes Man Card Crew

We are excited to share a few images from the first project - the conversion of a garage to a Man Cave Poker Room, complete with poker table, bar, and sleek accessories. Included in the design are a number of privacy cubicle curtains and curtain tracks provided by We'll share more as we can, but are happy to see how the first project turned out through this sneak peak.

In the first image below, you will see narrow accent curtains on the back wall of the garage poker room. These are suspended on short runs of 88001 privacy cubicle track (also referred to as Hospital Track).

Man Cave Poker Garage Conversion

In the view below, the table has been stored on the back wall and a Mustang takes its place in the garage. Again, accent curtains (fabricated from light blocking, fire retardant Eclipse fabric) can be seen, along with flat curtain panels that conceal overhead storage areas.

Poker Garage with Accent Curtains

Finally, you can see below a larger curtain mounted that conceals storage shelving along the side wall. Using a curtain on a ceiling mounted curtain track to cover shelves or storage is a great way to improve the look for a fraction of the cost of installing hard doors. There is also no danger of a swinging door dinging a car either. Plus, they can easily be moved as needed, allowing for quick access to the storage. Many of our customers have utilized this strategy to mask the clutter of storage areas in garages, basements, laundry rooms, and other areas that offer utility without sacrificing design appeal.

Stoage Shelving behind Privacy Curtain

We'll share more images as they become available, but we think this serves as a great example of the flexibility that curtains on tracks can offer as you look to enhance the look of any room in your home...even areas you many not have considered before.


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