Privacy Around A Pool


Privacy Around A Pool


Pool owners, have you ever had a B-B-Q and pool party and you didn’t invite your next-door neighbors, yet they can see all of the fun happening right there in your backyard? Awkward… Sometimes neighbors can seem just a little too close. For times like these when you are looking for a bit of privacy around your pool, we have a solution. Read on to learn more!


A previous blog article on this very topic was so popular, we wanted to revisit it. Jennifer W., a Curtain-Tracks customer, was super creative in her backyard when she wanted to create some privacy around her pool. She added the 42124 Ceiling Mount Curtain Track along the frame of her lanai, along with snap tape and snap carriers and weather proof curtains. This is an aluminum curtain track, available in silver or black, can be mounted end to end for longer lengths, and is compatible with 3 different carriers: 7120 Single Snap Carrier (used with 3090 snap tape), 7122 Button Carrier with Stainless Hook, and 7124 Button Carrier and the 7127 end stop.


When Jennifer has the curtains open and pulled back to the side, the curtains create a welcoming, homey look to the lanai and pool area. But when she pulls them closed, they create a veil of privacy around the entire pool. Not only that, when the curtains are pulled closed, they also help contain sound. So, if there is a pool party with lots of kids having a great time, the squeals of laughter will be somewhat contained and the next-door neighbors can’t peer in to see who is at the party. This same concept of adding curtains outside can also be applied to a pergola or outdoor porch.


This summer enjoy some privacy in your backyard, in your pool, or on your porch, by adding curtain tracks and curtains!


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