Privacy Cubicle Curtains For Busy Urgent Care Centers


Privacy Cubicle Curtains For Busy Urgent Care Centers


We live in an increasingly get-it-now kind of world. Want your fast food even faster? Call ahead for pick-up. Want to see your favorite TV show right now? Download it from Netflix or Amazon. It is no surprise that this attitude has extended to health care. According to Wikipedia, urgent care centers began popping up in the 1970’s. They were largely run by emergency room physicians responding to a public need for convenient and unscheduled medical care. They have surged in popularity since, and it’s become common to find several urgent care centers in one town. We offer custom privacy cubicle curtain tracks, curtains, and drapery hardware for just such centers.



Interestingly, even though we want everything now, we have also become fixated on privacy. With our new digital lives, it seems concerns about privacy have never been higher, nor has privacy been so difficult to get. While we, admittedly, can’t keep computers from being hacked, we can at least offer a way to keep patients’ privates private when visiting an urgent care center. We offer white and silver privacy cubicle aluminum tracks in straight, 45-degree-bent, and 90-degree-bent sections that can be spliced together as needed. They can be used as virtual doors, or to completely surround an exam bed. Our corresponding drapery hardware is just as durable as our tracks and will stand up to rough, repetitive use over a long period of time.


We also offer the best in hospital/clinic curtains in the form of our Sundance antimicrobial curtains. These curtains are treated with an antimicrobial chemical that reduces contamination with bacteria, including antibiotic resistant strains, keeping busy walk-in clinics cleaner and safer than standard curtains would. They are durable and flame-retardant as well. If your clinic is up and running and you need curtains yesterday, our quick-ship curtains are always in stock, ready-to-ship. These privacy curtains have the same durable construction and flame retardant properties as the Sundance curtains, but they are not antimicrobial.

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