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Privacy Curtains, No Waiting

Privacy Curtains, No Waiting
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Good things come to those who wait, but sometimes you need it now. Most of our tracks and curtains are made to your specifications, but we keep some standard curtains in stock for immediate shipping for customers with an urgent need. Given that these privacy curtains are most often used in hospitals, urgent care centers, and other types of clinics, we want to make sure they get to where they are needed, stat.



We understand even the best laid plans can go awry. In situations like remodeling an Urgent Care center or building a new hospital wing, curtains may be overlooked until the last minute. Or perhaps the current curtains are old and dingy and no one can stand to look at them for one day more. No matter the situation, we can ship our quick-ship privacy cubicle curtain today. In fact, in most cases we will ship them immediately after they are ordered.


All quick-ship privacy curtains are made of Oxford fabric, which is designed for institutional applications. This fabric is flame retardant and machine washable, and these panels have triple-thick 1.5-inch headers reinformced with a middle layer of nylon mesh. Two-piece rustproof nickel-plated brass grommets are located every six inches. These panels work really well with our privacy cubicle curtain track and two-wheeled carriers, but are compatible with most existing tracks and drapery hardware.


Granted, since we can’t keep every color and size in stock for immediate shipping, the choices in these areas are limited: the panels are 108 inches wide and can be ordered in 84 or 96-inch lengths, and are available in the colors oatmeal and cork. All available panels include twenty inches of white mesh to meet fire code requirements for most commercial applications.

Our quick-ship privacy curtains are available for shipping now! Call our customer service reps to get yours!