Private Sleeping Quarters: Ship Curtains In The Berth


Private Sleeping Quarters: Ship Curtains In The Berth



For those who work long days on a boat, what could be more important than a good night’s sleep?  Not much, in our humble opinion. Also in our humble opinion, Curtain-Tracks’ ship curtains are the best in the business for creating a dark, quiet, and private berth. When you’re sailing the seas, sleep and night don’t always go hand in hand.  That means weary sailors sometimes need to sleep during the day, when the sun is shining and reflecting on the water surrounding the boat. Not exactly the ideal backdrop for restful sleep. To create not only private but dark sleeping quarters, look no further than our ship curtains. Curtain-Tracks’ bunk bed privacy curtains are made from light blocking eclipse fabric; only two percent of light will be able to slip through. And that means some really quality slumber after a hard night’s work.





What good would those really dark curtains be if the sun could still slip through the crack above and below? Don’t worry! Curtain-Tracks has thought of that, too! There will be no games of peek-a-boo here. We have a super simple and effective solution to create an environment so dark, you won’t be able to see your hand in front of your face.

First, our low profile, ceiling mounted curtain track allows the curtains to hang flush to the ceiling. Second, you’ll want to choose some snap carriers  to attach to the snap tape that is already sewn into the bunk curtains.



We know that sometimes the seas are rough; and sometimes sailors are rougher. The snap carriers offer an easy solution for two problems that sailors may face while at sea. 1. Messes can be easily cleaned up because these curtains are machine washable.  2. Rough waters and rougher sailors. If the curtains get caught and pulled on something or someone, they easily break loose. This may just save the captain from having to sew holes while at sea.



You know we couldn’t let a whole post go by without a little punny humor, right? Give us a call today to order your ship curtains today! 1-888-434-7444. We will ship them as quickly as possible, matey!



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